The New Roof Georgia


With nearly 30 years of experience in roofing repairs and installations, The New Roof is here to make sure the job is done right. We have done roofs all across the state of Georgia and the Southeast. We take pride in all aspects of roofing and have a passion for quick, efficient, transparent repairs to storm-damaged homes.

At The New Roof, we believe that having a roof over your head may seem simple but we know it’s not.

Where you can quickly locate New Roof Insurance Consultants and Roofers in your area. The New Roof works with the Homeowner and Business owner to solidify an itemized summary Estimate report for Insurance fixed perils, about Fire, Wind, Hail, and Flood damages.

If your roof has a leak, needs repairs, or needs replacement then The New Roof company will provide a fair price, while also providing great Laborers and a warranty.

We have the experience and equipment to handle any type of Residential roofing or Commercial project in Georgia and the Southeast. The New Roof can help with any roofing problems for homeowners, business owners, or those who own or manage commercial and industrial buildings. If your roof has a leak, needs repairs, or needs replacement The New Roof will provide the best price with the greatest quality of materials. If you have any storm damage (wind or hail) The New Roof can assist you with the process of working with your insurance company to replace your roof based on a written agreement and Roof inspection report.

We are one of the few family-owned and operated Businesses, so we Live, Work, and Play here in Georgia. We also work all over the Southeast and we are active in our community feeding the Homeless or doing Humanitarian aid work.
As a potential client, You can call us any time for a free no hassle no no-obligation consultation, if you’re considering a new roof and or for a fast and affordable emergency tarp assistance or roof repair.